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procrastinating on my terms... [Oct. 7th, 2006|10:08 pm]
[Current Location |mi casa]
[Current Mood |exanimate]
[Current Music |Elliot Smith]

does anyone still read livejournal?

comment and I'll tell you something about you, if you tell me something about me.
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you know the drill... [Feb. 14th, 2006|04:44 pm]
[Current Music |The Marvelettes]

Leave your name and
1. I'll respond with something I like about you.
2. I'll tell you what song or movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll ask you a question.
4. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
5. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
6. I'll describe our final fight to the death.
7. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal
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SO [Dec. 29th, 2005|02:01 pm]
[Current Mood |exanimate]
[Current Music |Burried Beds]

What's everybody's new years resolutions?
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I GOT SPIRIT!!!....yes I do...? [Oct. 27th, 2005|10:01 pm]
[Current Mood |drained]
[Current Music |just good ol' david sedaris]

Should I go to homecoming? Why/why not? Who else is going?
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see, I said I would update, and looky here. [Sep. 11th, 2005|02:50 pm]
[Current Music |tiptoe through the tulips]

stupid boys.

(I think that just about sums everything up, don't you?)
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EVERYBODY! [Jun. 27th, 2005|02:25 pm]
If you give me your address, I will write you a letter, either from Italy or San Francisco.
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for the people who still look at livejournal [Jun. 5th, 2005|09:10 pm]
tell me something about yourself that I don't know.
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My Tragic Tale [May. 15th, 2005|10:33 am]
[Current Music |The English Beat]

I was going to go to the Pixies concert, the thursday show, and I had bought tickets and everything and was really excited.

But then disaster struck!!!!!

It turns out that I have a drivers ed class that is imperative to me getting my license on that same night at the same time.
So, I can't go, and in addition to not getting to see the Pixies, I can't get my ticket refunded and lose all my money.
I was wondering if anyone who hasn't bought their ticket yet and wants to go, if you could buy yours off me. Please?
I would prefer if you could do it out of the kindness of your heart, but I might be able to arrange some kind of discount at a personal loss.
Give me a call/comment if you're interested, and spread the word to any friends you have looking for tickets.
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2005|09:41 pm]

so, what do you think? valid or invalid, right or wrong? if guys want girls to ask them out, and girls want guys to ask THEM out, nobody is ever going to go out with anybody! we all need to suck it up, me included, and get the courage to ask our respective objects of affection out. otherwise, how will anything ever happen?
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oh my god, I absolutely love my punk rock band name!!!! [Apr. 12th, 2005|11:09 pm]

Emily Claire Beyda's Aliases

Your movie star name: Dark Chocolate Joe

Your fashion designer name is Emily Munch

Your socialite name is Bunny San Francisco

Your fly girl / guy name is E Bey

Your detective name is Panther LACES

Your barfly name is Tea And Cakes None

Your soap opera name is Claire Wilton

Your rock star name is Bubblegum A Cheetah

Your star wars name is Emisug Beyha,

Your punk rock band name is The Bittersweet Inflatable Catastrophy Machine

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